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What is Truth – Part 2

What is Truth – Part 1
September 29, 2017
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April 24, 2018

"You cannot know what truth is if you do not first know who truth is."

What happened to truth? Well, what I want you to see is that truth first became tainted with lies at the appearance of the original “fake news.” That is, the first account of lies being reported. Inaccurate information being passed on for the advancement of a motive. Like much of the fake news today, the first fake news came about because of a vindictive agenda.

We see this take place in Genesis 3, when the enemy deceives Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. After God, who is truth, said “Do not eat the fruit…or you will surely die,” the devil said to Eve “You will surely not die.” So the devil directly contradicts the creator of the universe with the very first “fake news.” Wow! Talk about deception!

Eve now has a choice to make about what she will believe. “Do I believe the truth? Or the lie, which maybe really is the truth, possibly? And now I’m not sure. Hmm…” She is now becoming deceived by the enemy. She’s receiving the lie of the fake news, and begins wondering “What is truth?”


"All truth must come from a source, and that which is believed to be truth can only be as reliable as the source from which it came."

The credibility of any report is subject to the reliability of the source. Eve should have never listened to the serpent because he was not a credible source of information. She should have realized she already had a credible source of truth.

In society today, almost all reports that are given come from information that was obtained from a source, though very few of the people reporting were actually present to verify the information. In effect, the people believe words from a source concerning a matter they did not see. They are bringing the unseen into the seen realm by passing on the information as real fact. But who knows the credibility of their source?

What we must understand is that we cannot know what if we do not first know who. Meaning, all truth must come from a source, and that which is believed to be truth can only be as reliable as the source from which it came. Eve should have known that God was a reliable source of truth, and this serpent, the devil, who was now giving “truth” contrary to God’s, could not be as reliable as God. Her husband Adam should have also stepped up and defended God’s truth, but he didn’t. And thus, we have the account of the fall of mankind. The lines between truth and lies were at this point blurred to the eyes of humanity.

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