Vision Beyond Sight

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September 24, 2018



When we receive vision from God, it becomes our responsibility to see that vision to completion. The Lord is the one who creates our destiny and gives us the empowerment to fulfill it, but we must be the ones who determine to accomplish all that God has planned for our life.

The life of Samson tells the story of a covenant man of God, who was destined from his mother’s womb to do great things for the Lord. He was a man with a strong anointing and a very special purpose, and he had all the potential in the world to do great exploits for the Kingdom of God.

Vision Beyond Sight retells the classic Biblical account in a way never heard before; drawing a compelling correlation between this Old Testament man of strength and the modern-day believer. Gain new understanding and new excitement for your own vision from God by closely examining the life and death, and the success and failure, of a man called Samson in a unique way that only author Earl Glisson can deliver.

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