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Equip – Don’t Hinder Growth

Equip Doesn’t Mean Educate
May 13, 2018
Equip – Our Example
June 14, 2018

"Success in the Kingdom of God does not come from knowing what to do, but doing what to do."

In order not to hinder our growth as a believer, we must not only educate ourselves with the word of God, but we must learn to apply the word of God in real life situations. So, it’s not knowing more about God, but rather applying what you know about God that makes you more like God. If all we as the five-fold ministry do is educate the body of Christ, then we create Pharisees. We need to create disciples that are equipped to go out and apply the word.

You’re never really equipped until you can apply your knowledge in a live situation. For example, years ago, I was in the Florida National Guard and part of our training was to learn about hand grenades. The first thing we learned about hand grenades was how to label the parts of a hand grenade on a paper worksheet. So we literally sat in the safety of a classroom, with no threat at all of a hand grenade exploding. I mean there was no pressure, no anxiety, no chance of blowing ourselves up. All I had to do was label the basic parts on a diagram of a hand grenade. Easy. You had your pin, your fuse, your detonator. There was a TNT charge, a body, and a pull ring. Just basic, simple parts. I learned them with no problem and I could label the paper correctly. In essence, I was “educated” on hand grenades.

Now although I was educated, I was definitely not equipped. The equipping came after I learned the basic parts. After I passed the first test, then we had to handle a dummy hand grenade. I was given a real grenade that had all the explosive power removed, so I knew it was safe. Yet, it was just a little more nerve racking than the written test I had already passed. Just holding in my hand something that could have the potential to explode created a new sense of pressure that wasn’t there on the first test. I remember they had us pull the pin, hold it, and put the pin back in again. Pull it, hold it, put it back. Pull it, hold it, put it back. I was learning to be equipped.


"It’s not knowing more about God, but applying what you know about God that makes you more like God."

After passing the second test of using a dummy grenade, I moved on to practicing with a real live grenade!

Now you want to talk about pressure? This time it was intense. Not only was I going to hold, activate, and throw a live hand grenade for the first time, but there were all sorts of pressures placed on us by the drill sergeant too. I mean, we heard stories of others who failed the test and blew off their leg. We saw pieces of shrapnel stuck in the walls. Basically, in order to equip us for a real battle, they were creating as much real anxiety as they could possibly do in a controlled environment. This is the same way five-fold ministers need to equip the church. We need to build them up so they can use what they learn in real battle in life.

Fortunately for myself, I never saw any live action in a real battle while in the service. But if I had, I feel that my training to be equipped was the best it could have been for me to transfer my education into real life situations. Now I endeavor to train and equip my church members in the same manner.

So, let me ask you this, maybe you know all kinds of Bible trivia and scriptures, but can you apply the scripture you know when the pressure is on? I’m telling you the enemy goes around like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour (1 Peter 5:8), and when he comes, man the pressure is on! He will push on you and pull on your emotions and attack you in the areas most dear to your heart. He comes after your family, he comes after your friends. He’ll attack your finances and your health. You better know some Bible knowledge and be able to use it.

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